Handbooks and Educational Materials


To find out more about the various aspects of energy, from how the energy market works in Singapore to safety tips for using electricity and gas at home, here are a number of helpful guides published by the EMA.

The Energy Market

The Singapore energy market is a competitive one where many businesses can choose to buy electricity from a number of energy suppliers if they meet the qualifying criteria. Learn more from these energy market guides below:


Installing Energy Systems

Whether you are wiring up a building with electrical power points or setting up a solar panel on your rooftop, know the necessary steps to take from these guides:

Safety At Home

Do you know what precautions to take when using electricity and gas at home and at work? Here are some friendly reminders to keep everyone safe at home:
  • Electricity Safety – Leaflet or Poster
  • RCCB Safety – Comic Strip
  • Gas Safety – Leaflet
  • Gas Safety: Concealed Gas Pipes – Poster
  • Gas Safety: Always engage a licensed gas service worker for installing, repairing or replacing of piped gas - Poster
  • Cable Colour Code Change – Leaflet or Poster

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