Electric Vehicles Test-Bed

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Electric Vehicles (EVs) Test-Bed

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) and Land Transport Authority (LTA) co-lead a multi-agency EV Taskforce to test-bed Electric Vehicles (EVs). Launched in June 2011, the test-bed aims to assess different EV prototypes and charging technologies given Singapore’s urbanised environment and road conditions, to determine the feasibility of using EVs in Singapore.

The Test-Bed Research Design

The test-bed aims to examine several issues relevant to policies regarding roll-out of EVs in the future including:

  • The optimal way to operate and deploy charging infrastructure;
  • Consumer behaviour on charging and range anxiety;
  • Robustness of EV battery systems; and
  • General performance of EVs on Singapore road conditions.


As part of this EV test-bed, data from four EV models would be collected - Daimler Smart electric drive (ed), Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Nissan Leaf and Renault Fluence Z.E.

Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd (Bosch) is the appointed Charging Service Provider (CSP) to design, develop, deploy, operate and maintain Singapore's EV charging infrastructure.

Through the data collection process, EV users participating in the test-bed provide information to the EV Taskforce to evaluate and test the performance of EVs and the ease of charging under different local road conditions.

Update on the EV Test-Bed

The application process is now closed. Data collection has ended on 31 Dec 2013 and a review of collated data is currently underway.

In all, 89 EVs participated in the test-bed; involving 53 organisations. To cater to the charging needs of the EVs, 68 normal charging stations (full charge within 7-8 hours) and 3 quick charging stations (full charge within 30-45 minutes) have been deployed.

Please click here for the list of participating organisations.

Please click here for the detailed locations of the charging stations.