Accelerating Energy Storage for Singapore (ACCESS)

The ACCESS programme is led by the Energy Market Authority in collaboration with ACCESS partners, to facilitate the deployment of Energy Storage Systems in Singapore.

The programme aims to spur the adoption of ESS by promoting use cases and business models, securing space, marrying demand with solution, and facilitating regulatory approvals for ESS deployment.

To facilitate the growth of solar PVs and move Singapore one step closer towards its solar target of 1GWp beyond 2020. The ACCESS programme will also help build in-house capabilities to operate ESS for various grid applications.

Application Period & Criteria
Applications for the programme are open from 1 November 2018 to 23 January 2019. Those keen to participate in the ACCESS programme should fulfil the following two criteria:
(i)   Facility owners looking to pursue energy storage solutions within their premises; and
(ii)   Have space* and infrastructure (such as sufficient transformer capacity in their power substation) to support the deployment of energy storage capacity of at least 1MW/1MWh on site.

ACCESS partners can expect to work with EMA to pilot use cases and design business models to operate ESS in Singapore. Interested parties may email to participate in the ACCESS programme.

*Land required for a 1MW/1MWh lithium battery solution is about the size of a 20ft container size i.e. approx. 32sqm.

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