Application for Classification as Embedded Generation Facility and Price Neutralisation Under Market Rules

Notes to Applicant

  1. The estimated time taken to complete the form is 20 minutes.
  2. If any information provided by the Applicant is of a confidential or commercially sensitive nature, please identify such information in a separate document by noting the relevant sections and citing reasons why the information is considered confidential or commercially sensitive.
  3. The requirements stated in this application form are subject to changes, due to continual development and evolvement of the industry. You are advised to check with us periodically with regard to the latest licensing requirements.
  4. All items marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory fields.

For Information

  1. A consumer who wishes to have his generation facility classified as an Embedded Generation Facility (EGF) and to apply for price neutralization is required to complete this form.
  2. A consumer is allowed to embed generation and supply electricity directly to his load facilities provided that he meets the following conditions:
    1. The embedded generation facilities are located on land which is contiguous to the load facilities; and
    2. The embedded generation facilities, load facilities and land are majority (i.e. at least 50%) owned by the same consumer.
    3. The consumer may install embedded generation facilities on land that is non-contiguous with his load facilities if
        1. There is insufficient contiguous land available for the consumer to accommodate the embedded generation facilities and load facilities;
        2. The load facilities and the land on which the load facilities and embedded generation facilities are located (i.e. including the non-contiguous land) must be majority owned by the same consumer; and
        3. There is a point-to-point (i.e. dedicated) electrical connection between the embedded generation facilities and load facilities.
    4. The consumer may outsource the embedded generation by engaging third parties to develop, own and operate the embedded generation facilities, provided that such outsourcing does not create market power or add to the existing market power of the third party.
  3. Once a generation facility is classified as an EGF, the consumer has to ensure that his associated load is at least half of his generation output over each 12-month period.  It is a breach of the Market Rules if this condition is not met and EMA has the right to revoke the EGF status.  Such Market Rule breaches would also be subjected to investigation and financial penalties may be imposed on the consumer by the Market Surveillance and Compliance Panel.  
  4. A company with embedded generation facilities is allowed to submit this application form through a retailer, provided that an authorization letter from the applicant is submitted together with the application.
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