As the regulator and industry developer of the electricity and gas sectors, EMA regularly seeks feedback and views from the industry and public on a wide variety of issues, such as changes to the regulatory framework for the energy industry or the code of conduct for licensees. 

Issue Date Title Closing Date for Comments Status
28 May 2020 Consultation Paper - Developing a Forward Capacity Market to Enhance the Singapore Wholesale Electricity Market 25 Jun 2020
06 Mar 2020 Framework For Serving Electricity Demand Of Large Discrete Loads 03 Apr 2020
15 Jan 2020 Modification to the PSO Budget and Fees Review 17 Feb 2020
08 Nov 2019 Expression of Interest to Build, Own and Operate Offshore LNG Terminal in Singapore 28 Feb 2020
11 Sep 2019 Review of the Demand Response Programme 09 Oct 2019
30 Aug 2019 Introduction of Regulation Effectiveness Factor 30 Sep 2019
13 Jun 2019 Development of the Electricity Futures Market 15 Jul 2019 Final determination paper issued
12 Jun 2019 Consultation Paper on Proposed Modifications to Gas Supply Code 11 Jul 2019
12 Jun 2019 Facilitating the Deployment of New and Innovative Generation Technologies 31 Jul 2019
19 Dec 2018 Consultation Paper for Proposed Modifications to the Transmission Code 25 Jan 2019 Final determination paper issued
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