Energy Efficiency for Power Generation

Enhancing the Energy Efficiency of our Power Generation Companies

Today, about 95% of our electricity is generated from natural gas, the cleanest form of fossil fuel. Singapore currently ranks among the countries with the highest percentage of natural gas in our fuel mix for electricity generation. The switch from fuel oil to natural gas has helped to lower the emissions from power generation.

In an increasingly carbon-constrained future, it is important for power generation companies to continuously improve their energy efficiency to further reduce their emissions. In October 2018, EMA launched the Energy Efficiency Grant Call for Power Generation Companies to give power generation companies a stronger push to be more efficient. The Grant Call will co-fund the implementation of energy efficiency improvement projects by the Gencos to improve their overall generation efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

The first Genco Energy Efficiency Grant Call closed on 1 July 2019.

Summary of Grant Call

Objective To encourage Gencos to invest in energy efficient equipment or technologies that can improve the overall generation efficiency of their CCGTs and reduce the carbon emissions for each unit of electricity generated. 
Grant Quantum Up to 50% of the qualifying costs. All disbursements of grants are made on a reimbursement basis.

Singapore GST is excluded.
Qualifying cost
  • Manpower cost
  • Equipment, technologies and materials
  • Professional services (e.g. project management, detailed engineering, and measurement & verification)
Eligibility Criteria Company
  • Genco must be operating CCGTs in Singapore.
  • Genco’s CCGT to undergo energy-efficient project must be sited and operating in Singapore.
  • Professional services (e.g. project management, detailed engineering, and measurement & verification)

To qualify for the Genco EE Grant Call, the proposed energy efficiency project must meet the following criteria:
  • The project must involve installation and use of energy-efficient equipment or technologies. These must improve overall generation efficiency and achieve carbon abatement, preferably with a proven track record.
  • The project must result in measurable and verifiable carbon abatement of at least 0.5 kilo-tonnes per annum (ktpa). The project must not have commenced at the time of application.
  • The project shall be completed within 36 months (3 years) from the agreed date of project implementation.
Grant call timeline  30 Oct 2018 – 1 Jul 2019
(Note: Deadline has been extended from 1 Apr 2019 to 1 Jul 2019)

Grant Call Process


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