Energy Efficiency for Power Generation

Enhancing the Energy Efficiency of our Power Generation Companies

Today, about 95% of our electricity is generated from natural gas, the cleanest form of fossil fuel. Singapore currently ranks among the countries with the highest percentage of natural gas in our fuel mix for electricity generation. The switch from fuel oil to natural gas has helped to lower the emissions from power generation.

In an increasingly carbon-constrained future, it is important for power generation companies to continuously improve their energy efficiency to further reduce their emissions. In Oct 2018, EMA launched the Energy Efficiency Grant Call for Power Generation Companies to give power generation companies a stronger push to be more efficient. The Grant Call will co-fund the implementation of energy efficiency improvement projects by the Gencos to improve their overall generation efficiency and reduce carbon emissions.

Gencos that are interested to apply can refer to the Call for Proposal link below for more details.

Summary of Grant Call

Grant Call Process

No.Key Resources
1Call for Proposal: Energy Efficiency Grant Call for Power Generation Companies
2Project Proposal Application Template
3Media Factsheet
4Compiled List of Clarifications from 1-to-1 Engagements with Gencos
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