Energy Planning & Development Division

Mr Bernard Nee

The Energy Planning and Development Division (EPDD) was formed in September 2007 upon expansion of EMA's mandate to serve as the agency for energy development in addition to its regulatory and power system operation functions. The Division oversees the planning and developmental aspects of EMA's work in the energy sector. EPDD’s key roles are to (i) grow and harness our knowledge and capabilities to develop long-term energy strategies and plans for Singapore (ii) provide impetus to the growth of the energy industry in Singapore and develop a dynamic energy landscape, and (iii) drive Singapore's relations and cooperation with key international players and organisations in the energy arena.


Mr Darryl Chan

The department comprises the Energy Technology Branch and the Research & Statistics Unit. The Energy Technology Branch assesses the technical and economic feasibility of a range of energy technologies for application in Singapore’s energy system and densely populated landscape. It also evaluates the research and education requirements for the building of capabilities in these energy technologies. The Research & Statistics Unit oversees the whole-of-government’s energy data collection and undertakes quantitative research, data modelling and publication of energy statistics.


Mr Jonathan Goh

The External Relations Department works to advance Singapore's energy interests and establish the country as an energy thought leader and responsible global citizen. The department formulates strategies and policies to establish and develop relations and co-operation with countries and various international organisations. Its responsibilities include promoting Singapore's energy interests in regional forums such as ASEAN, APEC and EAS. The department also oversees EMA's annual flagship energy event, the Singapore International Energy Week (SIEW). This is a week-long event that brings together policymakers, global energy professionals and commentators to discuss pertinent energy issues, strategies and solutions, and serves as a platform for Singapore to shape and influence the global agenda and discourse on energy.


Ms Jeanette Lim

The Industry Development Department aims to catalyse the development of the energy sector in Singapore. The Department promotes the development and demonstration of innovative energy research activities, such as the Smart Energy Challenge and Energy Innovation Programme Office. It also works with industry stakeholders to develop manpower capabilities to meet industry needs, drives the efficient use of energy and promotes the sector through publications and platforms, such as the annual Statement of Opportunities and Energy Industry Forum.


Mr Lee Seng Wai

The Policy and Planning Department develops energy policies and plans to meet the overarching objective of ensuring a cost-competitive, environmentally sustainable and secure energy supply, and alignment of the energy policies and plans with corporate strategies, risk and performance management to ensure that EMA’s overall goals are achieved. The department’s work includes facilitating the entry of renewables such as solar energy, ensuring sufficient power generation capacity in the long term, as well as assessing the fuel mix policy for Singapore. 

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