As the regulator of the gas industry, EMA aims to ensure that natural gas supplied to electricity generation companies and industries, and town gas supplied to commercial users and homes, are safe and reliable.

In developing the gas policy for Singapore, which is put into action through regulations, codes of practice and licences, EMA strives to create a gas industry that safeguards the interests of consumers.

The Gas Network Code, which came into effect in 2008, for example, facilitates open, non-discriminatory access to the gas pipeline network, enabling consumers to buy gas from any gas importers or gas retailers.

An important development in the gas industry is the commencement of a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) terminal in Singapore in 2013. This enables the country to diversify and secure its energy sources, by procuring natural gas from markets further afield, besides the piped natural gas delivered from neighbouring countries.

Besides developing the gas industry, EMA sets performance standards for its licensees to ensure high-quality service delivery. In addition, under the Gas Supply Code and the Gas Safety Code, gas licensees are required to meet standards and procedures that ensure the safe and reliable supply of gas to consumers.

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