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$1.5 million penalty imposed on PowerGas Ltd for gas leak incident on 23 April 2012

EMA has imposed on PowerGas Ltd (PowerGas) a $1.5 million financial penalty for an incident where a high pressure gas pipeline on Jurong lsland was damaged on 23 April 2012. This incident, which could have resulted in very serious consequences to public safety and system security, disrupted the gas supply to several users on Jurong Island.

EMA conducted a thorough investigation after the incident. The findings showed that the pipeline damage was caused by a contractor who carried out tunnelling works using an outdated gas pipeline plan provided by PowerGas.

PowerGas is required under Clause 13.1(h) of the Gas Supply Code to keep an up-to-date record of its gas pipeline networks. This is essential for ensuring public safety and Singapore’s gas system security. In view of the severe risks posed by PowerGas’ failure to comply with the Code, EMA has decided to impose a financial penalty of $1.5 million on PowerGas.

At EMA’s direction, PowerGas has verified the gas pipeline routes and updated its gas pipeline plans on Jurong Island. EMA has also required PowerGas to review their processes to prevent such incidents from happening again.

2 September 2013

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