Gas Retailer Licence

Notes to Applicant

  1. The estimated time taken to complete the form is 20 minutes.
  2. If any information provided by the Applicant is of a confidential or commercially sensitive nature, please identify such information in a separate document by noting the relevant sections and citing reasons why the information is considered confidential or commercially sensitive.
  3. The requirements stated in this application form are subject to changes, due to continual development and evolvement of the industry. You are advised to check with us periodically with regard to the latest licensing requirements.
  4. In the event that the licence is granted, an initial licence fee as well as an annual fee during the term of the licence would be payable.
  5. The Applicant should also seek the necessary approvals, clearances and endorsements (as required) from all relevant authorities in relation to the application and submit all relevant corresponding documents.
  6. All items marked with asterisk (*) are mandatory fields.

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