Grant Calls

EMA rolls out competitive grant calls to catalyse applied research and development (R&D) of innovative technologies and solutions. This aims to address industry-relevant challenges and opportunities in the energy sector that lead to long-term solutions for Singapore's energy challenges.Over the past few years, EMA has awarded over $100 million benefiting over 25 companies and 11 Institutes of Higher Learning/Research Institutes.

EMA-PSA Joint Grant Call

EMA and PSA Singapore (PSA) launched a Joint Grant Call on 22 May 2019 for proposals in smart grid and energy storage to reduce overall energy usage, costs and carbon footprint. Industry players and the research community can co-develop and use PSA’s Pasir Panjang Terminal as a living lab to test-bed potential solutions, while tapping on PSA’s global networks for access to international markets.

This grant call is open to research consortia comprising Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), Research Institutes (RIs), public sector agencies, not-for-profit organisation and private sector companies. To encourage stronger partnership with Singapore’s research community, consortia comprising multiple IHLs and RIs are strongly encouraged. More information on the Joint Grant Call and application process is available here. All proposals must be submitted by 17 Jul 2019.

EMA-KETEP Joint Grant Call 2019

Singapore and the Republic of Korea have established a collaboration to pursue and promote partnerships in the areas of smart grids and energy technologies. Under this collaboration, EMA and the Korea Institute of Energy Technology Evaluation and Planning (KETEP) have launched a joint grant call on 15 May 2019 for proposals to develop innovative solutions in energy storage systems or solar photovoltaics.

The call is open to research consortia comprising both Singaporean and Korean companies, institutes of higher learning, public research organisations and agencies. Proposals should be co-led by one Singaporean and one Korean company, and have both Singaporean and Korean components. More information on the EMA-KETEP Joint Grant Call and the application process is available here. All proposals must be submitted by 26 June 2019.

To facilitate the formation of research consortia by interested Singaporean and Korean companies, EMA and KETEP have developed a Partnership Development Information Exchange form for the sharing of contact information and research interests. Completed Partnership Development Information Exchange forms should be submitted through email to EMA_EnergyR& by 22 May 2019, and will thereafter be shared with Korean companies that have provided their corresponding information to KETEP.

Past EMA Grant Calls

In May 2017, EMA launched the Energy Resilience Grant Call to seek R&D proposals to strengthen the cyber, physical, and market resilience of Singapore's power systems and energy markets, through the use of technologies such as blockchain, data analytics, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. Results of this grant call, and other past EMA grant calls, can be found below.

 Grant Call    Aim  Downloads
Energy Resilience Grant Call (2017) To improve the resilience of Singapore's cyber-physical power systems and energy markets Media Release
Solar Forecasting Grant Call (2017) To develop accurate solar forecasts for power grid operations in Singapore Media Release
Energy Storage Grant Call (2015) To catalyse cost-effective energy storage innovations that can be effectively deployed in Singapore. Media Release
Smart Grid Grant Call II (2014) Improving Singapore's grid resilience. Media Release
Gas Technology Grant Call (2014) Enhancing the operational readiness and resilience of our gas network and LNG infrastructure. Media Release 
Power Generation Grant Call (2013) Increase the availability, reliability, and overall efficiency of the power generation sector. Media Release
Smart Grid Grant Call I (2012) Improve grid operations through innovative technologies such as energy analytics, storage and control systems.  Media Release       
Smart Energy Challenge (2009) Encourage the development of new technologies and solutions which would strengthen Singapore’s energy competitiveness, efficiency and security. Media Release 

For more information on grant calls in general, please email EMA_EnergyR&

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