Balancing between energy demand and supply is of utmost importance to keep power systems stable and reliable. If the demand for electricity exceeds the available supply, it can lead to supply disruptions which in turn could adversely affect the economy and quality of our lives. 

To prevent such imbalances from occurring, we must ensure there is sufficient generation capacity. Baseload demand is met by the use of Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) units. These are known to run efficiently by using the same source of heat produced to generate electricity.

On the other hand, fast start generation capacity such as Open Cycle Gas Turbines (OCGT) units play an important role in providing electricity when there is high demand or unexpected situations. Although less efficient than CCGTs, they can start up quickly in 10 minutes to produce electricity to meet sudden increases in demand or when other power generation units become unavailable.

The role of fast start generation capacity is therefore critical in ensuring the security and reliability of our power system. With no commercial interest to build OCGTs, EMA has formed a wholly-owned subsidiary – Meranti Power Pte Ltd – to build two new OCGTs. These OCGTs will be operationally ready by June 2025.

For more information on the OCGTs, please click here.

Artist impression of Meranti Power OCGT generation station


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