Requirements for Installation and Maintenance of EV Charger

To ensure proper installation of the EV chargers, you are required to engage a Licensed Electrical Worker (LEW) to install, test and certify the fitness of the installation.

Before the installation of EVSE, the LEW shall check that the EVSE is issued with a Letter of No Objection (LNO) from EMA-LTA Interim Joint Panel (IJP) to ensure that it complies with the technical requirements of TR25:2016 or the relevant International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards (as well as the essential tests stated in the Technical Compliance Checklist).

Next, the LEW will be required to certify the fitness of the EV charging installation before handing over the installation back to you.

As the owner of the Electrical Installation, you are responsible for ensuring the periodic inspection and maintenance of the EV charging system, as certified by an LEW. Please refer to the Inspection Checklist for the checks required

Upon EMA's request, the LEW or the owner will need to produce a copy of the LNO, inspection and maintenance reports of the installed EVSE for verification.

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