Energy Efficiency Programmes and Incentives

Initiatives to improve energy efficiency

EMA is working with agencies to improve the efficiency of energy usage across various sectors (e.g. industry, households, data centres, commercial buildings) to reduce Singapore’s overall energy demand and carbon emissions:

  • Using energy-efficient technologies and materials. For instance, improving air-conditioning systems to smarter and efficient technologies, and utilizing innovative building materials to reduce cooling demand.
  • Optimising system design. At the building-level,designers and building owners can make use of BCA’s Super Low Energy Building (SLEB) Smart Hub to adopt suitable green building solutions. At macro-levels, Singapore has implemented district cooling in greenfield areas like Marina Bay to centralise the production of chilled water and distribute to surrounding buildings for air-conditioning.
  • Digitalization. EMA will be working with SP Group to roll out advanced meters to all households. This will empower consumers to better manage their electricity consumption usage and facilitate the adoption of energy efficient practices.
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