EMA offers the Sandbox to support energy innovations in Singapore. Sandboxes create ‘safe spaces’ where participating companies may be granted temporary regulatory waivers to test their innovative solutions.

In 2019, we made some additional enhancements.

  1. Thematic Sandboxes: What this basically means is we will put out challenge statements that we hope you can join us in solving. This is our way of letting you know what our top-of-mind issues are. For ideas unrelated to the challenge statements, you can still submit your proposals to us via the incumbent Generic Sandbox. The challenge statements for Thematic Sandboxes can be found at
  2. Additional areas of support: You may be familiar that EMA offers R&D Grants to support industry innovation. Grant applicants may now also indicate if Sandboxing relief is necessary. Besides offering Grants and Sandboxing relief in tandem, we are also prepared to share Data for your innovation efforts.
  3. Simplified application form: We have made the application process more convenient for you at go.gov.sg/energysandboxform
  4. Interested parties may write in to sandbox@ema.gov.sg to find out more about this initiative.

    Regulatory Sandbox Infographic

    Key Resources

Ongoing Sandbox Trials

Sandbox Entity Entity Type Sandbox Period Remarks# 
SP Power Assets
Address: 2 Kallang Sector, Singapore 349277
Phone: 6916 8888
Transmission Licensee 1 Nov 2018 - 31 Oct 2021 Use of Energy Storage System for Residential Peak Load Shifting
Information on specific sandbox trials may be shared on a case-by-case basis.
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