At EMA, employees are rewarded for their contributions through a performance-based recognition system. They also enjoy a comprehensive range of benefits for work-life balance and their well-being.


Our compensation policies are market-based, and we offer attractive salary packages that commensurate with relevant work experience for the diverse roles in EMA.

We are committed to cultivating a performance-driven culture that rewards results. We value both individual efforts as well as teamwork, and our rewards and recognition are closely linked to corporate and individual performance. We also provide a range of enriching and exciting opportunities for growth and advancement. Whatever your role may be, at EMA, you will go as far as your performance and potential can take you.


  • EMA offers a competitive suite of benefits comprising the following :
    • Annual vacation leave
    • Medical leave (includes hospitalisation)
    • Childcare leave
    • Paternity leave
    • Examination leave
    • Marriage leave
    • Compassionate leave
    • Family Care Leave
    • Birthday Leave
    • Volunteer Leave
    • Training Leave

  • Medical coverage – For outpatient medical care, expenses incurred at government and restructured hospitals, polyclinics and EMA’s panel of clinics will be subsidised at 85% (for self) and 60% (for dependants), subject to a cap of $500 per calendar year. Staff who visit private clinics not included in EMA’s panel of clinics will be reimbursed up to $20 per visit.

  • Flexible Benefits

  • Dental Benefits

  • Insurance – Staff are covered under the Work Injury Compensation Insurance policy in line with the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) as well as the Group Personal Accident Insurance policy. The insurance policies covers staff against accidents arising out of and in the course of employment. Staff who travel overseas for official business are also covered by the Group Travellers’ Personal Accident policy.

  • Corporate membership card scheme – Staff can make use of the EMA corporate membership card scheme to visit places of attraction in Singapore (such as the Singapore Zoo, River Safari, etc.) together with their family members for quality bonding time.

Career Development

EMA offers a robust career development framework where you can look forward to postings within and across divisions in EMA. This will allow you to be exposed to different jobs within the organisation to enhance your knowledge and professional competencies in the different functional areas. Selected officers would also have the opportunity to be seconded to agencies within the MTI family, private sector companies or go for attachments in overseas energy regulatory bodies.


EMA recognises that training is essential for our people to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. Through our training framework, you will be provided with ample opportunities for skills upgrading and exposure. Exciting training opportunities include local and overseas attachments and conferences, certification programmes, and secondment to agencies, to promote professional growth.

EMA Wellness Club

At EMA, life is not just all about work. The EMA Wellness Club was formed to promote physical, mental and social well-being of employees through a holistic approach which encompasses health screenings, education, training and sporting events, among others.

Other Benefits

There are numerous other small steps we take to make our people feel that we care. Here are some examples:

  • Gifts/vouchers for marriage, hospital stays and retirement
  • In-house gymnasium and shower facilities
  • Informal discussion areas and well-equipped pantries with light refreshments
  • Dinner and Dance, Family Day, Social and Recreational activities by EMA Wellness Club
  • Union membership incentive of $132 per year

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