Learning and Development

At EMA, our staff are our most valuable assets. As part of staff development and growth, EMA has established structured training frameworks for new and existing staff to enhance their capabilities so that they are equipped with the right knowledge, skills and aptitude to perform their core functions competently and confidently, in order to meet organisational goals.

Here’s what you can expect as a new hire:

  • Structured induction programme for new hires
  • Buddy system to help new staff settle in quickly
  • Supervisors are ready and willing to provide guidance to new hires to help them assimilate into the organisation and respective teams
  • Learning and development platforms, such as staff forums, brown bag sessions, talks and site visits
  • A comprehensive EMA Competency framework to guide your career and development pathways in EMA and our Industry
  • Targeted training programmes to upskill in relevant areas

Job Rotation

Each division in EMA is distinct and represents a critical aspect of our core business. To broaden your perspective and deepen your knowledge, opportunities for rotation within the organisation are available to help you grow in your career. Officers may also have the opportunity to be seconded to agencies within the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) family, or to private sector companies, to gain additional exposure.

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