Advanced CCGTs

Facilitating deployment of advanced CCGTs

As Singapore transitions towards a low-carbon economy, we will harness the “4 Switches” (Natural Gas, Solar, Regional Power Grids and Emerging Low-Carbon Alternatives) to ensure sustainable, reliable and affordable energy supplies.

Combined Cycle Gas Turbines (CCGTs) that runs on natural gas, and potentially with hydrogen blend in the future, will continue to play an important role in the power sector. CCGTs provide stable and secure baseload generation and will complement the other “switches” in meeting our growing demand.

In June 2019, EMA launched a Request for Information paper on Facilitating the Deployment of New and Innovative Generation Technologies. Based on feedback from industry, while advanced CCGTs have higher energy efficiency, the early mover reserve cost disadvantage that the larger advanced CCGTs would face is a key barrier of entry.

To help mitigate this early mover disadvantage, EMA launched an incentive scheme for advanced CCGTs. This is to encourage power generation companies (gencos) to adopt new and more efficient advanced CCGTs to improve their efficiency and reduce carbon emissions. Gencos that are interested to apply can refer to the Call for Proposal paper below for more details.

Summary of Incentive Scheme

 Objective To encourage the adoption of advanced CCGTs in Singapore by helping to offset the early mover disadvantage faced by the first two advanced CCGTs.
Grant Quantum
Grant quantum will be subject to a cap of $44 million, for a transitional period of up to 4 years from the deployment of the first advanced CCGT.
Qualifying cost  Grant support will be computed based on the net disadvantage that an advanced CCGT will incur, compared to a F-class CCGT. Refer to Call for Proposal paper for more details.
Eligibility Criteria 
  • Genco must deploy the advanced CCGT in Singapore and begin operation of the advanced CCGT by Decemeber 2026
  • The advanced CCGT to be deployed should meet the following requirements: 
    • International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) nameplate capacity of at least 600MW
    • Net Lower Heating Value (LHV) heat rate of 6050 kJ/kWh or lower (at reference conditions)
  • The advanced CCGT to be deployed should have a proven track record that can achieve measureable and verifiable carbon abatement of at least 0.2 million tonnes (Mt) per annum. 
  • The incentive scheme is not applicable to Genco who have awarded the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contract to proceed with the puchase of advanced CCGT prior to the application of grant. 
  • Genco should only apply for the incentive scheme no earlier than 4 years before intended year of advanced CCGT deployment and operation. 
 Grant Call Timeline Opened with immediate effect. The final deadline for submission of applications is 31 Decemeber 2023.

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 No. Key Resources 
 1 Call for Proposal: Incentive Scheme for Advanced CCGTs
 2 Application Form 


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