Issue 1 | JANUARY 2012
A Decade of Achievements - EMA's 10th Anniversary Celebration

This special date marked the celebration of the Energy Market Authority's (EMA) 10th year anniversary. The event was graced by Mr S. Iswaran, Minister in the Prime Minister's Office and Second Minister for Home Affairs and Trade & Industry, and more than 300 guests celebrating this momentous occasion.

In his speech, Mr Iswaran noted how EMA has proven itself to be "nimble and innovative in its regulatory response to market development and adept in forging a constructive partnership with industry while nurturing a vibrant energy sector" over the past 10 years. Recognising the complex challenges that laid ahead, he urged EMA to continue building on this foundation and secure a brighter energy future for Singapore.

For the many guests present, it was an especially memorable night for them. Old colleagues were reunited once more over dinner. This included industry veterans like Mr P. Chandran (a meter tester in the 1960s), Mr Loh Weng Whye (then Head of Generation Projects in charge of project management at Pulau Seraya power station), and Mr Shum Siew Keong (ex-PUB Generation Engineer and later Managing Director of Power Seraya), who took a walk down memory lane, reminiscing the "good ol' days".

EMA's 10th anniversary celebration will go down in history as a defining moment to remember. It gave due recognition to past and present staff for their unwavering commitment towards growing the country's electricity sector, and ultimately, keeping the lights on for Singapore.
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