Issue 1 | JANUARY 2012
Building Workforce Capacity & Capability for the Future

As the dynamic energy sector evolves, EMA will be partnering industry partners to grow its talent pool and equip the workforce with right capabilities.

From a study commissioned by EMA and the Singapore Workforce Development Agency in early 2011, it was found that new capabilities i.e. a mix of financial and technical skills are in demand by emerging areas in the energy sector. These areas include renewable technology and energy efficiency management.

The study also discovered that established areas like oil, gas and power utilities industries were grappling with issues related to an ageing workforce. As the estimated median age of the current power sector technical workforce is about 48 years, gaps arising in 10 years time due to retirement and attrition will need to be addressed swiftly with concerted government-industry efforts.

Today's energy sector faces three main challenges. Firstly, the power utilities industry needs to recruit more than 2,400 manpower with strong power engineering and technical skills. This needs to be done over the next 10 years to respond to changing demographics, new demand from generation plantings and the introduction of an LNG terminal.

Secondly, there is a need to raise awareness of the career opportunities offered by the
energy sector to attract fresh school leavers and mid-career switchers. In this respect,
EMA will continue to work with industry partners to provide greater clarity on career progression pathways.

Finally, industry productivity and competitiveness must be enhanced. Continuous investment in timely and structured training is necessary to ensure that the skill sets of existing workers remain relevant.

Of course, addressing these challenges will require the joint effort of stakeholders, including the government, industry, unions and institutions of higher learning. Only then can we develop initiatives and solutions to build the capacity and capability of the energy sector workforce.
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