Issue 3 | JULY 2012
The theme for the 5th Singapore International Energy Week - "Shaping a New Energy Landscape" is timely given how the world is grappling with issues of environmental sustainability, uncertainty over global nuclear energy programmes, and continuing geopolitical tensions that threaten the security of supply.

Likewise, Singapore’s energy landscape will continue to evolve with the start-up of our first liquefied natural gas terminal in the second quarter of 2013. The terminal will enhance our energy security by allowing us access to gas from around the world. The terminal will also provide new business opportunities in areas such as LNG trading and bunkering that would strengthen our standing as an energy hub in Asia.

In Singapore and across Asia, gas is expected to play a more significant role in the energy mix of countries. Growing demand for gas and the development of unconventional gas sources will keep gas-related issues at the forefront of energy discussions. It is therefore timely that Gas Asia Summit will debut at SIEW this year, bringing to the fore the latest developments in gas and helping to address challenges and opportunities in the sector.

Beyond energy sources, a key challenge is the issue of talent attraction and retention for Singapore’s energy sector. This involves stepping up capacity building and capability enhancing initiatives, and highlighting the attractive career opportunities available.

The recommendations from the Power Sector Manpower Taskforce, expected to be out by the end of the year, will thus be a useful step towards strengthening Singapore’s energy sector workforce. A key partner in this effort is the Union of Power & Gas Employers (UPAGE), and we are pleased to have the General Secretary of UPAGE share his thoughts on the current and future landscape in the power sector. We hope you enjoy this issue of ON.

From the Editorial Team