Issue 3 | JULY 2012
Empowering Tomorrow’s Energy Leaders

In this issue, we talk to Mr. Billet Hoontrakul, Director of the Asian Youth Energy Summit (AYES) 2012 and the person at the helm of Energy Carta, a non-profit organisation founded in 2008 and run by a team of young undergraduates from the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Mr. Hoontrakul is a third-year Chemical Engineering undergraduate at NUS. He developed a keen interest in clean technology after entering university and was spurred to join Energy Carta after attending AYES 2010. He took over as Director of the Carta in 2011.

At Energy Carta, Mr. Hoontrakul and his team are constantly exploring ways to inspire and empower students to become future leaders and gamechangers in the sustainable energy industry. He says, “Today’s youths are aware of sustainability issues and the pressing concerns of climate change. However, more needs to be done to educate them about the sustainable energy sector and its opportunities.”

Through conferences like AYES, Energy Carta creates platforms to connect youths with the industry and to expose them to key issues on sustainable energy. For example, a simulated energy policy game called ‘Changing the Game Southeast Asia’ was created for AYES 2012 to educate participants on the challenges of running a country’s energy and emissions policy. AYES aside, Energy Carta also organises side events such as business cases, business plan competitions and career fairs to promote interest in energy-related issues among their university peers. He added, “We are the link between students, academia and industry through our educational activities.”

On a personal front, Mr Hoontrakul, who is Thai, plans to work in a Singapore firm for a few years upon graduation next year, before returning to Thailand to work on rural development issues in there.