Issue 3 | JULY 2012
SAP’s EV Test-Bed Experience

SAP is one of the participants of the EV test-bed. A market leader in enterprise application software, SAP empowers people and organisations to work together more efficiently and use business insights more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. ON speaks to Simon Dale, Head of Technology and Innovation at SAP Asia Pacific Japan, about the test-bed experience.

Q: What prompted SAP to take on an EV?

For two reasons. One, we wanted to include it as part of our overall employee engagement programme where we have placed the car into a pool system for all employees to access. The other reason is we wanted to showcase our software solutions around the car. Our employees can book the car via a self-service system, access the system and other information on mobile devices, and explain more about our solutions supporting electromobility to our customers in Singapore and across the region.

Q: How is the EV driving experience so far?

Everyone is very happy driving the car; they are impressed by its performance and low noise levels. They also rated its green aspect highly.

Q: Is the driving range sufficient for SAP operational needs?

Most drivers are worried about the charge level for the distance driven. This ‘range anxiety’ is a major concern because the availability of charge points outside the CBD is limited.

Q: Tell us about your employees’ experiences on using the testbed’s charging infrastructure. Have they used the communal chargers, including the quick chargers?

We have used the Bosch dual-charger in our office, the Vestas single-charger unit and the quick charger at BCA. So far, the operations have been smooth in most cases.

Q: Do you think EVs are suitable in Singapore?

Yes, everyone who has driven the car thinks that it would be ideal for Singapore given the distances driven and cost of petrol.