Issue 4 | OCTOBER 2012
Recipients of National Day Awards 2012
We congratulate four EMA colleagues who received the National Day Awards 2012, in recognition for their outstanding contributions and service to the nation.

The Public Administration Medal (Gold)
Mr Yeo Yek Seng, Deputy Chief Executive

Receiving the highest award for public officers, Mr Yeo first joined the Public Utilities Board in 1975 and has held various engineering and managerial positions in its Electricity Department.

In April 2001, with the formation of the Energy Market Authority (EMA), Mr Yeo was appointed as its Deputy Chief Executive (Regulation). Instrumental in forging a competitive energy industry for Singapore, he has helped develop a conducive market environment for competition and spearheaded the liberalisation of the energy utilities sector and diversification of fuel supply through the importation of Liquefied Natural Gas.

Mr Yeo continues to play a pivotal role in charting the strategic directions and goals of EMA, ensuring that they are aligned with national interests.

Q: What is one greatest satisfaction in your long and illustrious career in the energy sector?

One of the greatest satisfactions in my career is witnessing the change in the electricity market. EMA has put in place various regulatory frameworks for a liberalised market to facilitate competition and enable eligible consumers to have choices to purchase their electricity. The success of this change is not possible without the hard work and dedication of my colleagues, and I would like to share this award with them.

The Efficiency Medal
Mr Uthirapadhi Popathi, Principal Technical Executive
(Electricity Resilience and Regulation)

In his role at the Electricity Resilience and Regulation Department, Mr Popathi is responsible for inspecting electrical installations and investigating electrical incidents and violations of electrical safety regulations. A part of his role involves conducting interviews and practical tests for those applying for electrician licenses.

With 38 years of service, he imparts his knowledge to new staff and enjoys developing a good rapport with colleagues across all divisions. In addition, he is also the Chairman of the EMA branch of the Amalgamated Union of Statutory Board Employees, and has played key roles in successfully implementing the current Support Staff Compensation Framework and the Performancebased salary scheme.

Q: What drives you to display exceptional efficiency and devotion at work?

I feel a great sense of satisfaction excelling in my work, delivering good service and caring for my colleagues in my capacity both as an EMA officer as well as the Union representative.

The Public Administration Medal (Bronze)
Dr Kang Cheng Guan, Senior Director
(Energy Management Systems)

Dr Kang also began his career with the Public Utilities Board, as an engineer in the Electricity Department. He was then involved in the planning of the generation and transmission system until the late 1980s, when he was posted to manage the operation and maintenance of the Energy Management System (EMS) that provides real-time monitoring and control of Singapore’s generation and transmission systems.

He played an instrumental role in the successful implementation of key projects such as the IT system for the Singapore Electricity Pool in 1995 and the new EMS which was commissioned in 2000. As a Senior Director in EMA’s Power System Operation Division, Dr Kang oversees the monitoring and controlling of Singapore’s entire electricity generation and transmission network.

In 2006, he also led a team to implement the Gas Monitoring System that enables the EMA system operators to oversee the Singapore Natural Gas Transmission System. Without a doubt, Dr Kang’s numerous accomplishments have contributed greatly to the security and reliability of Singapore’s energy generation and transmission systems.

Q: How do you feel about attaining the Public Administration Medal (Bronze)?

I did not expect any form of recognition for my work in the energy industry. Thus, this is really a bonus for me. I would like to thank all my colleagues, past and present, who have made my experience working at EMA now a satisfying and fulfilling one.

The Long Service Medal
Mr Mohd Adzlan Bin Buang, Senior Technical Executive
(Energy Management Systems)

This year’s Long Service Medal recipient from EMA is Mr Mohd Adzlan who has dedicated 25 years of service to EMA and has won many awards recognising his innovations.

Mr Adzlan exemplifies one of EMA’s core values of Innovation in his active contribution of ideas towards EMA. Amongst his accomplishments, he developed a programme that consolidates the amount of disk usage within his division, and a programme that simplifies the calculation of the electricity’s Load Demand Curve.

These efforts have enhanced EMA’s operations and productivity.

Q: What is it that made you remain in the Public Service?

One of the many factors that led me to remain in the public service is the good work-life balance and flexibility I get at my workplace. EMA recognises its officers’ talents and has given me room to continually improve and innovate in my work, thus, contributing to the energy industry. I feel honoured and proud that my commitment to the Government Service has been recognised at the national level.

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