Issue 4 | OCTOBER 2012
Industry Leaders Share Views on the Future of Singapore’s Energy Sector at Energy Forum 2012

The competitiveness of Singapore’s energy sector, the potential benefits an electricityfutures market can offer, and the challenges and opportunities for demand-response (DR) took centre stage at EMA’s Energy Forum this year. Held on 18 July, the Forum is a platform for industry leaders to exchange views and learn about developments and opportunities in Singapore’s energy sector.

Over 160 attendees, comprising mainly C-level industry executives and senior members of academia heard about New Zealand’s experience in introducing an energy futures market. Mr James Moulder, Principal of Cybele Capital Limited, highlighted potential pitfalls and opportunities for Singapore.

On DR, Mr Vijay Sirse, Chairman and CEO of CPvT Energy Asia, shared his experiences in implementing such a pilot in Singapore.

On the role Singapore can play in the global energy market, Dr Tilak Doshi, Chief Economist and Principal Fellow of the Energy Studies Institute (ESI), believes Singapore can be the next Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) hub. Singapore possesses welldeveloped financial, shipping and bunkering industries that enhance its potential as a hub. Citing the liquid spot markets of North-East Asia such as Japan and Korea, Singapore could play a significant role in price discovery for Asian LNG trade, which would be an alternative to the current oilindexed pricing for LNG in Asia.

Rounding off the session, the panel discussion explored potential synergies between the electricity futures and DR markets and how the availability of LNG in 2013 would shape the local energy landscape.

EMA also hosted the Smart Grid Networking Session which brought together close to 170 participants from more than 40 different research organisations and companies.
The Networking Session was organised to encourage academia and industry players to form collaborative networks and forge partnerships. Such collaborations will be vital in addressing challenges and opportunities towards the development of a smarter grid.

In his presentation, Mr Jimmy Khoo, Head of Business Ventures at Singapore Power, introduced the challenges, opportunities and dilemmas faced by Singapore in the adoption of a smarter grid. Dr Ngin Hoon Tong from EMA then provided the attendees with more information on the Smart Grid Grant Call on behalf of the Energy Innovation Programme Office, including eligibility and funding criteria.

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