Issue 5 | JANUARY 2013
Engaging Our Youths on Energy!

Some 160 students from secondary schools, junior colleges, ITEs, polytechnics, IP (Integrated Programme) schools and universities engaged with Minister S Iswaran at the inaugural “In Dialogue with Youth” Forum. This is the first outreach to youths at the SIEW 2012.

During the dialogue, the students took the opportunity to asked Minister Iswaran on issues ranging from the government’s role in changing public attitudes towards energy usage to achieving greater energy sustainability and security of energy supply to the region.

Minister Iswaran spoke on the government’s various initiatives, such as the BCA Green Mark scheme that encourages the construction of environmentallyfriendly buildings, and the Energy Label scheme which promotes energy efficiency in appliances. He also emphasised the need to price energy right and avoid subsidies that will result in wasteful consumption.

"LIVE" Poll on Energy!

The students participated in a "live" poll, reflecting their views on many energy-related issues. Here are some interesting findings of the poll…
  • On Singapore’s Energy Trilemma – Energy Security, Economic Competitiveness, and Environmental Sustainability 50 percent of the students rated Environmental Sustainability as most important to them. 31 percent chose Energy Security while 19 percent opted for Economic Competitiveness.

  • On the Future of Energy… 36 percent of the students were concerned with the depletion of energy resources, while 26 percent feared the growing tensions among regional countries over energy supplies. Students also raised their concerns about rising temperatures, global warming and the damage wrought on the environment in search for more energy sources.

  • A Career in the Energy Sector?

  • Yes – 43 percent
    No – 17 percent
    Neutral – 40 percent
Clean energy – primarily solar, wind and biomass, emerged as the most popular sector where half of the students polled were most interested to join. On the other hand, 19 percent of the students were interested in energy trading and financing while 17 percent chose energy efficiency management. Fewer than 10 percent of the group chose the oil and gas sector, while less than 5 percent picked power generation and utilities. Responding to the results, Minister Iswaran shared with the students that oil and gas, and power generation and utilities, though perceived as "less sexy, were critical industries in the energy field."

Minister Iswaran also shared with the students that a degree programme in power engineering would be launched in 2013. The two-year full-time course, brought together by the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and the UK’s Newcastle University would target primarily diploma-holders seeking to upgrade themselves.

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