Issue 5 | JANUARY 2013
Smart Technology on Trial @ Punggol

Smart meters are now installed at some 1,900 households in Punggol as part of EMA’s Intelligent Energy System Pilot. Selected residential households also received an in-home display (IHD) unit. This portable device provides households real-time information about their electricity consumption.

Information sessions were organised over two weekends in October 2012 to share with the Punggol residents how electricity is generated in Singapore. There were also live demonstrations of how to use the IHDs.

The response to the Pilot was encouraging with some very enthusiastic residents keen to fi nd out more about how they could better conserve electricity at home. Ms Jess Chow, a participating resident said, "The IHD allows me to better manage my home’s electricity consumption in a timely manner, instead of relying on the monthly utility bill."

The Intelligent Energy System (IES) Pilot, a partnership between EMA and Singapore Power, aims to develop and test new smart grid technologies and solutions. Targeted for completion in end 2013, the learnings from this Pilot will help EMA to evaluate the effectiveness of smart meters, in-home display units, and related applications.

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