E3 Hackathon Co-Creates Household Energy Efficiency Applications

Mr Chee Hong Tat, EMA's Chief Executive (1st from right), with winning team, Wish Lit

A group disccusion during the E3 Hackathon

The E3 (Energy Efficiency for Everyone) Hackathon attracted over 80 participants to co-create 18 household energy efficiency prototype applications.

After much data-crunching and fine-tuning of ideas, team Wish Lit emerged with the best prototype - a mobile phone application that allows users to determine how much energy to save in order to purchase an item they desire.

Team Efficionado, a runner-up, created a DIY kit that can be rented which allows users to review their household appliances' energy consumption. Team Energy Saving Champions, another runner-up, came up with a web-based community platform that allows school-going children to compare and compete on how energy-efficient they are at home and in class.

In addition to the three E3 Hackathon winners, teams Feedback and Power Heroes won the EMA-Singapore Power (SP) Data Innovation Challenge and team Lucky 5 won IDA's Best Government Data Mash-Up prize.

EMA and SP co-sponsored the 3-day Hackathon which saw many young working adults from industry experts, researchers, academia, developers, data scientists, entrepreneurs and environmental groups. The event harnessed the power of crowd-sourcing to innovate mobile applications or web-based prototypes that promote energy efficiency and conservation in homes.