Singapore Energy Award Recognises Energy Champions

Senior Adviser of Singapore Power Ltd, Mr Quek Poh Huat, and Senoko Energy Pte Ltd, have been honoured with the inaugural Singapore Energy Award (SEA). The biennial Award recognises organisations and individuals who have made significant contributions to Singapore's energy industry and society.

Energy Carta, a non-profit, organisation helmed by students, also received a Special Mention award for its contributions in promoting energy awareness among youths in Singapore and around the region.

Citation of Winners

"Individual" Category
Mr Quek Poh Huat, Senior Adviser,
Singapore Power Ltd

Mr Quek Poh Huat, Senior Adviser of Singapore Power Ltd

His stellar contributions in the industry have been in the areas of workforce planning, continuous education training, energy efficiency and driving technologies to improve Singapore's grid reliability and efficiency. In particular, Mr Quek's unwavering passion for, and commitment to capability development and innovation has helped to shape the development of the local Power sector manpower. It has also improved power technology standards.

A strong champion of capability development and competency standards, he led the expansion of the Singapore Power Training Institute (SPTI) from a localised training institute exclusively for SP staff into a regional training centre for the Power sector. Today, the SPTI conducts about 200 training sessions and more than 70 programmes. These training sessions and programmes benefitted about 1,500 external participants from both the public and private sectors in 2012.

Mr Quek has shared his knowledge and expertise by chairing the Power Sector Manpower Taskforce to identify and recommend strategies to attract, retain and develop the workforce.

He also played a leading role in fostering strong industry-union relations with the Union of Power and Gas Employees (UPAGE). During his tenure as Group CEO, SP was an active supporter of UPAGE initiatives and also made a significant contribution to the UPAGE Endowment Fund.

He has also demonstrated great commitment to nation-wide energy efficiency initiatives such as championing the establishment of SP's Energy Efficiency Centre to educate the public on the importance of energy conservation and electricity.

"Organisation" Category
Senoko Energy Pte Ltd

Led by a dedicated senior management team, Senoko Energy is lauded for its sustained and exemplary community outreach efforts.

In 2005, the company started its flagship community initiative, the National Weather Study Project – subsequently re-launched as the Senoko Sustainability Challenge in 2012 – to enhance learning of weather, climate and sustainability-related issues in schools. Eighteen schools' teachers and students also enjoy attachment training opportunities as a result of Senoko Energy's participation in the National Environment Agency's (NEA) Corporate Partnership Programme.

Woodlands Primary School's students on a litter-picking excursion with Senoko Energy along Sungei Sembawang

Senoko Energy also collaborates regularly with government and non-governmental institutions to reach out to students and the general public, working regularly with organisations such as the Singapore Science Centre, Singapore Environmental Council (SEC), and National Instruments and UNESCO.

In particular, Senoko has been an exclusive sponsor of the SEC-Senoko Energy Green Innovation Award - part of the Singapore Environmental Achievement Award - since 2005. It also sponsors schools taking part in NEA's annual Clean & Green programme.

In February this year, Senoko Energy became the first power company in Singapore to offer scholarships to ITE students.

"Special Mention" Award
Energy Carta

Energy Carta is a non-profit organisation founded in 2008 by a group of like-minded tertiary students with a passion for clean technology, sustainable development and the environment. They also have a desire to invoke change through action.

Energy Carta is being commended for its spirit and sustained efforts in promoting energy awareness among youths and students in Singapore and the region. They use a variety of channels including conferences (e.g. Asian Youth Energy Summit), games (e.g. Changing the Game), business case competitions (e.g. Chevron Case Challenge) and site visits.

To date, Energy Carta has successfully engaged approximately 1,500 students locally and regionally, on various energy issues.