From suds to a sustainable future

Magnus Bocker

Ekko Chua stands out not just for her name – “the characters in Japanese mean “wise” and “glorious” (慧光) – but also for how she received a headstart on her career choice.

“Since my father is in the hairdressing industry, he is very much exposed to the chemicals contained in hair products. Hence, he would experiment with natural ingredients to make his own hair products together with me,” she recalled, recounting how this soon led to his own product line.

From suds emporium, Ekko traded this for chemistry and engineering, and an EMA Undergraduate Scholarship. “To me, EMA’s line of work is very meaningful… It is the agency that spearheads projects, writes new policies and explores future plans to better forge Singapore’s energy landscape.”

Her Master of Engineering in Chemical and Energy Engineering at the UK’s University of Leeds focuses on conserving and managing energy sources. But looking ahead, the petite Singaporean professes interest in nuclear energy “because of the vast opportunities and advantages it can bring about”.

She also believes in contributing back to the education sector. “I believe the mindset of energy efficiency starts from young and gets reinforced along the way. By equipping the young with the right mindset on the importance of energy, we can then build a stronger workforce to work together towards the future of Singapore’s energy landscape”.