Mr Loh Wah Kay (left) and Mr Dickson Tan (right) giving the thumbs up to EMA’s new Lifetime Licence scheme.

Meet Mr Loh Wah Kay and Mr Dickson Tan. They were both happy to hear that a Lifetime Licensing Scheme would be put in place for all licensed electrical, gas and cable detection workers starting August 2014. They are among more than 5,000 workers to benefit from this scheme, which will help them save time and money when dealing with licence renewals.

Mr Loh, from M&P Consulting Engineers, said the new scheme “is convenient for us now that our licence has no expiry date - a bit like our driver’s licence when they switched this to lifetime”.

An additional benefit is that the workers “don’t have to worry if they missed a renewal date… That was a headache because they would have to re-sit the test”, said Mr Tan who is General Manager at Swee Huat Heng Engineering.

Both Mr Loh and Mr Tan have been in the electrical/gas service business for decades and have renewed electrical/gas licences numerous time for themselves and their workers. Their licence renewals used to cost at least $30. Existing licensed workers will be converted to the lifetime licence once their current licences expire.

The introduction of the Lifetime Licensing Scheme is part of EMA’s ongoing review to enhance its rules and licensing requirements to reduce compliance costs for businesses and consumers.