Youths to take lead in energy efficiency

Zap, as the mascot sidekick, will aid students to become Energy Heroes in their energy efficiency quest.

How do you get 16,000 students to practise energy efficiency without making it feel like homework? That is where Zap, an orange feline, comes in to empower youths to become their own energy heroes.

The initiative, the brainchild of Singapore Power (SP) and EMA, is set to tour schools this year.

Targeted at upper primary to lower secondary students, the “Energy Heroes: It’s Your Power!” campaign includes games such as “Energy Squash”. Here, students identify and squash “energy-zapping” appliances such as air-conditioners and clothes dryers.

Students will also receive Zap’s Power Pack, an activity kit to encourage energy efficiency. The pack consists of an activity book, fridge magnets and a collar pin.

To cap it off, students can take part in a short film competition in 2015. The theme will be on energy efficiency, with prizes as a draw.

These activities are all aimed to help students become energy efficiency influencers at home, encouraging their families to be responsible energy users as well.

All aboard the energy efficiency train which will chug into schools this year.