‘Compare With Neighbours’ among top features in energy-savings app

The “Compare With Neighbours” feature shows how you fare against your neighbours in your block, quantified by cost, electricity usage, and equivalent bottles of water or trees.

Curiosity can be a driving force in changing behaviour to promote energy-conscious habits. Among pilot users of SP Services’ energy-savings app is Penny Ngan, 61. The housewife says “the new app encouraged my husband and I to be more energy-efficient than our neighbours! We’ve been switching off home appliances at the power socket when not in use.”

The app’s “Compare With Neighbours” feature allows households to benchmark their electricity, gas and water consumption against those of their neighbours living in the same block (or on the same street).

Two weeks into the app’s launch on 7 January, over 26,000 downloads were registered on Apple’s App Store and Google Play. The app is a joint project between SP Services, EMA and PUB to help consumers save electricity, gas and water.

Feedback on the app has been positive. Many users like its clean and simple user interface. The app has, most importantly, incentivised them to reduce their energy and water consumption.

SP Services will be using the results from the pilot phase to study how consumers respond to information and feedback relating to energy and water usage, before rolling out the app nationwide.