EMA helps Cambodia develop electrical wiring and safety standards

EMA officers Er Tan Hak Khoon (left) and Ms Latha Ganesh (right) worked closely with the Cambodian team on the electrical wiring and safety standards.

Many house fires in Cambodia were found to be caused directly or indirectly by faulty electrical wiring. So when the Cambodia government reached out for help to avert the growing problem, EMA stepped in.

For EMA officers Er Tan Hak Khoon and Ms Latha Ganesh, working closely with the Cambodians to develop their first technical standards on electrical wiring and safety proved a rewarding experience. Er Tan shared that he hopes “the new standards will create growth opportunities for Cambodia in addition to enhancing electrical safety”. For Ms Ganesh, she is “heartened that this project will help save lives. It also gave me a different perspective – a more caring side of international cooperation”.

Nearly 1.5 years and several training sessions later, Cambodians can look forward to better electrical wiring and safety standards to reduce the incidences of electrical fires.

EMA’s Assistant Chief Executive, Mr Bernard Nee, said the new technical standards are based off Singapore Standards code of practice for electrical installations, with modifications for Cambodia. He added that it was a learning journey for both parties “as we shared Singapore’s developmental experiences in electrical safety and developing our electricity regulatory framework”.

The successful completion of the joint project is EMA’s first bilateral energy project with the Cambodian Ministry of Mines and Energy, with co-funding by Temasek Foundation.