Electricity balances

Singapore generated 52.2 TWh of electricity in 2017, 1.2% higher than the 51.6 TWh recorded in 2016. Of these, 92.4% (or 48.2 TWh) was accounted for by MPPs while the remaining 7.6% (or 4.0 TWh) was contributed by Autoproducers. Own use and losses in the Transformation sector amounted to 2.4 TWh.

The Industrial-related sector and Commerce & Services-related sector accounted for 43.3% (or 21.5 TWh) and 35.9% (or 17.8 TWh) of Singapore's total electricity consumption of 49.6 TWh in 2017 respectively. Households and the Transport-related sector contributed to 14.7% (or 7.3 TWh) and 5.5% (or 2.8 TWh) of total electricity consumption respectively.

Electricity Flow, 2015
natural gas balances

NG imports into Singapore rose by 2.0% to 413,313.6 TJ in 2017. This was supplemented by a stock build of 3,598.3 TJ to inventory. Total NG supply in Singapore reached 409,715.2 TJ in 2017.

About 352,197.8 TJ of NG was used for power generation in 2017, representing 86.0% of total NG supply. This was a 0.6% increase from the 350,193.5 TJ used for the same purpose in 2016. Another 60,226.6 TJ of NG, which included town gas, was consumed directly by end-consumers.

The Industrial-related sector accounted for 88.9% (or 53,525.0 TJ) of total NG consumption by endusers. The remainder was consumed primarily by the Commerce & Services-related sector (6.2% or 3,706.9 TJ) and by Households (4.3% or 2,604.3 TJ).

 Electricity Consumption by contestability & sector, 2015