Grid emission factor

Singapore's Average Operating Margin (OM) Grid Emission Factor (GEF) and Build Margin (BM) Emission Factor remained relatively constant at 0.4192 kg CO2/kWh and 0.4018 kg CO2/kWh respectively in 2017. In general, Singapore's BM emission factor trends lower than the OM emission factor. This is because newer plants in Singapore (predominantly CCGTs) are more efficient and primarily use fuels with a lower carbon content (such as natural gas) compared with other fossil fuels.

Grid Emission Factor & Percentage Share Of Non-Natural Gas Energy Products In Fuel Mix
Power sector employees

Employment in the Power sector has increased gradually over the years. The number of workers employed increased by 5.8% per annum between 2011 and 2014, and by 2.4% per annum between 2014 to 2016. There were 5,340 employees in the Power sector in 2016, of which 3,300 (or 61.7%) were hired for positions of a technical nature.

Power Sector Employees by Nature of Work & Residency Status