Installed capacity & number of grid-connected
solar photovoltaic (PV) systems

While Grid-connected installed capacity grew sharply from 7.7 MWac in 2012 to 96.7 MWac in 2016, its growth had moderated recently and total installed capacity stood at 114.8 MWac in 1Q 2018. This is a reflection of current market conditions and commercial decisions by solar adopters. Nonetheless in the longer term, solar growth is likely to increase. The Housing & Development Board (HDB) and the Economic Development Board (EDB) are jointly spearheading the acceleration of the deployment of solar PV systems in Singapore through the SolarNova project, which was launched in 2014. As part of this effort, three solar leasing tenders have been called to-date. Singapore is expected to reach the committed solar PV capacity of 350 MWp via this project by 2020.

The majority of solar PV capacity by end of 1Q 2018 were accounted for by non-residential private sector installations (49.3% of total installed capacity or 56.6 MWac) and town councils & grassroots units (41.0% or 47.1 MWac). Residential installations (5.6 MWac) and installations by public service agencies (5.5 MWac) contributed to the remaining solar PV capacity.

There were 2,155 solar PV installations as at the end of 1Q 2018. Town councils & grassroots units accounted for 46.4% (or 999 installations) of total installations, followed by the residential (34.1% or 734 installations) and private sectors (14.6% or 315 installations). Public service agencies constituted the remaining 5.0% (or 107 installations) of total installations.

solar pv installations 2016

As at end 1Q 2018, the west region of Singapore had the highest solar PV capacity totalling 46.0 MWac from 456 installations. This was 40.1% of the total installed capacity of 114.8 MWac as at end of the same period. However, most solar PV systems were located in the north-east region (546 installations).

Close to half (52.7%) of PV systems in the north-east region were residential installations, which were significantly smaller in capacity. Hence, the installed capacity from this region (17.5 MWac or 15.2% of total capacity) was disproportionately smaller compared to its corresponding share of installed system (25.3%).

Distribution of Solar Installations 2016