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Energy powers almost all facets of our lives, from enabling us to watch television programmes to keeping the food in our refrigerators fresh. In Singapore, all these activities take place on the back of a resilient and reliable power infrastructure. Fuelled by our growing demand for energy, the sector is set to grow significantly over the next 10 years, in tandem with Singapore’s economic growth. From generating the electricity that businesses and industries need, to building Singapore’s first Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal and catalysing energy research such as smart grids, the energy sector is abuzz with exciting developments. Embark on a rewarding, meaningful and stable career today.


Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents who will be / are currently pursuing relevant engineering courses (e.g. mechanical, electrical, power engineering-related courses) at a local Institute of Technical Education (ITE) or polytechnic. 

Institution/Category Full-Term Scholarship Mid-Term Scholarship*
 *Open to current students with at least one academic year remaining at the point of application.

Students who will be / currently pursuing relevant engineering courses at a local university are encouraged to apply for the Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS).

Application Period

The application cycle for the EIS starts in December and closes in March, every year.

Scholarship Value

The EIS will cover the following, where applicable.

  • Tuition fees
  • One-time allowance (to purchase items related to his or her studies, such as computers and books)
  • Monthly living allowance

Scholarship Opportunities

  • Industrial Attachments
  • Scholar Management (e.g. Mentorship)
  • Invitation to closed-door events with industry participants

Sponsoring Organisations

You may choose which sponsoring organisation(s) you would like to apply to.


SP Group


Bond Period

Scholars will be bonded to their respective sponsoring organisations upon completion of their studies. The bond period will commensurate with the total scholarship value. Please refer to the table below for more information.

Scholarships and bond period

 Type of Scholarship  ITE Polytechnic 
 Year 1 (Full-Term award)  2 years  3 years
 Year 2 (Mid-Term award)  2 years  2 years
 Year 3 (Mid-Term award)  2 years (if applicable)  2 years

More information is available here.

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