Besides transforming the way we produce energy, managing our energy demand is also key to achieving a more sustainable future.

With the economy recovering from the pandemic and as energy demand grows with increasing electrification, demand management will be a key pillar in supporting the energy transition. EMA will continue to encourage energy efficiency in the industry and households, and is concurrently developing other demand management initiatives.

Together, everyone will have to play their part by conserving energy and supporting the greener energy transition for a more sustainable future.


Air-conditioners, refrigerators and water heaters account for half of the electricity used in a typical household. 

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Among the various sectors, Singapore's industrial-related sector consumes the most energy.

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Demand Side Management

Demand Side Management (DSM) refers to initiatives and technologies that encourage consumers to optimise their energy use. Some examples include the Demand Response programme and Interruptible Load programme offered by EMA, where consumers voluntarily reduce their electricity demand in return for incentive payments.

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