EMA Distinguished Speaker Programme: A Public Lecture on “A Glimpse into the Energy Future”

  • Venue:Carlton Hotel

    Date: 21 Jun 2011

About the Speaker:

As Chief Economist of the International Energy Agency (IEA), Dr Fatih Birol is responsible for the organisation’s economic analysis of energy and climate change policy.  He oversees the annual World Energy Outlook, which is the flagship publication of the IEA and recognised as the most authoritative source for energy analysis and projections.  Dr Birol has been named by Forbes Magazine as the world's fourth most powerful person in terms of influence on the world's energy scene. He was appointed Chairman of the World Economic Forum's Energy Advisory Board in 2010.


Dr Birol will be sharing key findings from the IEA’s special report on “Are We Entering a Golden Age of Gas?”, which examines the key factors that could secure a more prominent role for natural gas in the global energy mix, and the implications for other fuels and climate change.  He will also touch on topics such as the impact of high energy prices on economic recovery, geopolitical unrest, price volatility and energy security, uncertainty surrounding the role of nuclear power, as well as the situation between climate actions and climate goals.

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