Using data to help consumers reduce their electricity consumption

18 Feb 2014

A new pilot by SP Services (SPS) and the Energy Market Authority (EMA) will enable participating consumers to compare their electricity consumption against the average consumption of their neighbours; and through such comparisons, reduce their electricity usage over time.    

The pilot will involve users of SPS’ My Utilities Portal (at, currently numbering at 260, 000. These are consumers with e-billing accounts; the number may increase when more consumers sign up for e-bill service with SPS. They could compare their electricity consumption in the last 6 months against the national average consumption and the average consumption of their neighbours living in similar housing types (see Annex A in the attachment for more details).

"With this new comparison feature, we hope to raise customers’ awareness of their consumption pattern and hence encourage better energy-saving habits. This builds on our continuous efforts to equip the public with information on efficient use of energy," said Jeanne Cheng, Managing Director of SP Services.

Chee Hong Tat, Chief Executive, EMA said, "Improving energy efficiency and helping consumers to save electricity are important priorities for EMA. These efforts will reduce costs for consumers, enhance Singapore’s energy security and benefit the environment. After gathering feedback from this pilot, we will work with SP Services on redesigning the hardcopy utilities bill to reach out to all 1.2 million households. We also plan to include comparisons of gas and water consumption data in the next phase.”  

In the coming months, SP Services will be enhancing the pilot with additional features, and making this service available through other channels such as mobile applications.


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