$15 million Awarded to Innovations in Energy Storage

03 Jun 2016

   Six projects with the aim to develop cost-effective energy storage innovations that can be effectively deployed in Singapore will receive a total of $15 million in research grants from the Energy Market Authority (EMA).

2. The projects, selected after a grant call launched in May 2015, will look at enabling the deployment of energy storage under Singapore's hot, humid and urbanised environment:

i. Natural gas storage in a Solidified Natural Gas form. This method allows natural gas to be stored using less energy, at improved stability, and up to 50 percent reduction in storage costs as compared to storing as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). National University of Singapore is working on this project.

ii. Developing next-generation metal oxide-based batteries that will have five times the cycle life of existing graphite-based lithium-ion ones, be able to charge faster and be more cost-effective. The new batteries will also be better suited to operate under Singapore's hot and humid climate. Nanyang Technological University (NTU) aims to achieve this by coupling its patented titanium oxide-based anodes with the lithium-based cathodes from partner Durapower Technology Group (a lithium-ion battery manufacturer and subsidiary of New Resources Technology).

iii. Developing a cost effective Distributed Energy Storage System (DESS) that connects lithium-ion batteries at multiple sites (eg HDB blocks) under a centralised control system. Such a system can more effectively manage the fluctuating output of intermittent generation sources, such as solar. NTU will work with Sunseap Leasing and Panasonic Asia Pacific on this.

3. On the importance of energy storage for Singapore, EMA Chief Executive Ng Wai Choong said: "Energy storage innovations have the potential to facilitate the widespread deployment of renewables such as solar energy in Singapore. Energy Storage can also play a role in enhancing the stability and reliability of the power system by supplementing power when required."

4. Speaking as one of the project winners of the Energy Storage Grant Call, New Resources Technology Chief Executive Officer Kelvin Lim, said: "We recognise the importance of continual technology innovation, and the need to provide a strong commercialisation strategy and manufacturing facility through a local battery company. We hope this collaboration will contribute towards the start of building of a strong and successful local ecosystem for energy storage systems in Singapore." Mr Lim is concurrently President of Durapower Technology Group.

5. Details of the six projects, selected from over 30 proposals received, are in the Annex attached.


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