Five Learning Journeys for Students to experience Real-World Learnings beyond the Classroom

26 Oct 2016

        As part of five new learning journeys launched by the Energy Market Authority (EMA), students can now experience real-world applications of science and engineering concepts they learn in the classroom. Known as the Powering Lives Trails (PLTs), these are the first-ever experiential learning journeys that take students behind the scenes to energy facilities that are not normally open to the public, so that they can see for themselves how we power Singapore's economy and keep our lights on. The PLTs aim to bring engineering concepts to life and interest students to seek out a career in the Power sector.

2. The trails were designed to cover different aspects of the Power sector - from generation to transmission and distribution of power supply. Details of the five trails are as follows:
a. ''Gas it Up'': Marvel at Singapore's only Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Terminal on Jurong Island, where gas to power Singapore is imported. This critical infrastructure enhances Singapore's energy security by enabling us to source for gas globally;

b. ''Powering Singapore'': Discover the Sembcorp Cogen @ Banyan Plant on Jurong Island, to understand how electricity and steam are produced using gas;

c. ''Clean and Green'': Explore the Pulau Ubin Micro-grid Test-bed on Pulau Ubin, for a preview of how solar-storage-smart grid technologies are transforming the grid and how the lives of end-users, who previously depended on noisy diesel generators, are being changed;

d. ''Behind the Scenes'': Learn the challenges of managing the nerve centre of Singapore's power system at EMA's Power System Control Centre; and

e. ''Keeping it Cool'': Enter the world's largest underground district cooling system with a visit to the Singapore District Cooling Plant at Marina Bay, which is keeping buildings cool at the Marina Bay business district.

3. On the efficacy of such learning journeys, Ms Elissa Goh, Chairperson of the Geography Teachers' Association of Singapore, said: ''This is an innovative effort by EMA to bring to life geographical and scientific concepts for our students.''

4. Ms Goh and 31 other geography educators visited the Micro-grid Test-bed on Pulau Ubin in September as part of a trial run of the PLT. She added that the PLT ''is a very enriching and relevant programme for students and educators to understand Singapore's Energy Trilemma and energy ecosystem''.

5. More than 500 students from the Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs) and educators have been invited over the last six months to help plan, provide feedback and develop these PLTs (See Annex for more information on the PLTs).

6. IHLs interested in participating in the PLTs can:


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