Programme to Accelerate Energy Storage Deployment in Singapore

30 Oct 2018

The Energy Market Authority (EMA) today launched a programme to facilitate adoption of Energy Storage Systems (ESS) in Singapore. The programme, known as ACCESS or ACCelerating Energy Storage for Singapore, was announced today by Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing at the Singapore International Energy Week 2018.

2. Solar is the most viable renewable energy sources for Singapore. However, there are challenges to electricity reliability if solar is deployed on a large scale. This is due to intermittency challenges due to cloud cover, especially in our tropical context. Solutions to manage intermittency include ESS, which can mitigate the fluctuations in solar photovoltaics (PV) output.

3. The ACCESS programme will kick off with two partners, PSA Corporation Limited and Sembcorp Industries. We will work with them to pilot use cases, design business models, and facilitate regulatory and market approvals to operate ESS in Singapore. Findings from the programme will be consolidated and shared with future ACCESS partners deploying ESS.

4. On rolling out the ACCESS programme, EMA Chief Executive, Mr Ngiam Shih Chun, said: "Energy Storage Systems can play an important role in harnessing solar energy more effectively and maintaining a stable and reliable supply of electricity. We are happy to collaborate with PSA Corporation Limited and Sembcorp Industries in deploying Energy Storage Systems in their premises. We welcome other facility owners to step forward and join us in this programme towards supporting greater deployment of solar energy."

5. Mr Ong Kim Pong, Regional CEO Southeast Asia, PSA International said "As PSA continues its journey to becoming a fully sustainable green maritime port, the electrification of port equipment, managing peak demand and optimizing energy needs are crucial to our success. It is therefore timely that we collaborate with EMA as an ACCESS partner in this project to deploy ESS in the port as part of our efforts to create a sustainable future. We look forward to optimising energy use and developing new solutions for a smarter grid management system in the port."

6. The programme will also help Sembcorp Industries to build up energy storage capabilities in Singapore, complement their renewables portfolio, and offer greater value to their customers. Sembcorp Industries Group President & CEO Mr Neil McGregor said: "Energy storage helps counter the intermittency of renewables, and enables the use of clean power even if the sun doesn’t shine or there is no wind. This is a game changer in the clean energy space, and can help accelerate the use of renewable power here. Our goal is not only to provide energy that makes a difference, but to actively work towards building a more sustainable future for Singapore’s energy space. We are not only a major solar power player here, but also the only established gentailer to offer renewable energy solutions. Piloting and moving into energy storage systems is therefore complimentary to our portfolio and is a logical step for us. We are encouraged by the government’s foresight in supporting the growth of such solutions, and are ready to be a torchbearer with them in this."

7. Details of the ACCESS programme can be found in the ANNEX. Interested owners of facilities can register with EMA to participate as an ACCESS partner.


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