10 Youth Ambassadors Appointed to be Advocates for Energy Sector

02 Nov 2018

     For the first time, 10 youths will participate in a programme aimed at encouraging youth-to-youth advocacy within the energy sector. The new Energy Ambassadors Programme (EAP) is part of the Energy Market Authority (EMA)’s efforts to tap on the energy and passion of young people, as well as inspire them to contribute and make a difference to the energy sector.

2. This was announced by Senior Parliamentary Secretary for the Ministry of Trade & Industry, Dr Tan Wu Meng, at today's Youth@SIEW, held in conjunction with the Singapore International Energy Week 2018. The Energy Ambassadors (EAs) were appointed in collaboration with educational institutes ranging from secondary schools to the Institute of Technical Education (ITE), polytechnics and universities. They were nominated for demonstrating the aptitude, attitude and passion to take on the role.

3. The youths will serve a two-year term and be given opportunities to be exemplars and advocates to their peers and the larger youth community. Platforms for engagement include career fairs to share more about the energy sector, or by leading energy-related learning journeys.

4. As part of their stint, the EAs will undergo a series of training and activities to help them evolve in their roles and abilities. From this programme, the EAs can expect to:
   • Attend industry closed-door events (e.g. industry talks) to network with industry leaders in the energy sector;
   • Gain insights into the transformation of the energy sector, appreciating the emerging trends and technologies; and
   • Enjoy a headstart in finding out if the energy sector could be their career of choice for the future.

5. One of the EAs, Mr Loo Zong Poh, 18, is a strong advocate for clean energy. In fact, he is Vice-President of the Clean Energy Club at ITE College West and had organised a student visit to Singapore Polytechnic (SP)’s solar farm to learn more about solar panels and renewable energy. He is also developing an energy interactive game to attract secondary school students to take up Electrical Engineering. The Higher Nitec in Electrical Engineering student shared that "since young, I have had a huge interest in energy developments such as renewables. This appointment will allow me to fulfill my interest and share my perspectives and newfound knowledge with my peers. Together with my fellow Energy Ambassadors, we can hopefully make a difference and help to build a more energy-conscious generation."

6. A pro-environmentalist, Ms Joleen Teo Sze Min, 17, said her appointment as an EA "will allow me to educate the public and fellow peers in gaining a better appreciation of the reliable energy supply that we enjoy today". The SJI International School student added that "this is important as efficient use of energy can allow each of us to do our part to preserve the beauty of the environment and for Singapore to meet its climate change goals".

7. When Mr Stephen Manickam S/O Alakesan was nominated by his lecturer to participate in the Programme, the 18-year-old jumped at the opportunity. “Being an EA will open a window into real-world developments in the energy sector. I am interested to learn how Singapore implements new power generation technologies." The Diploma in Energy Systems and Management student at SP also said "the EAP will allow me to meet like-minded individuals and enable me to step out of my comfort zone and improve my communication skills".

8. EMA's Chief Executive, Mr Ngiam Shih Chun, said: "Through this programme, we hope to foster a community of young advocates who are passionate about how energy impacts their lives. They can help raise energy awareness among their peers and encourage more to play a part in powering Singapore's exciting energy future."

9. More information on the EAP can be found at www.poweringlives.sg/eap. The list of EAs can be found in the ANNEX.


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