Record Number of Engineering Students for a Cleaner Energy Future

01 Nov 2019

          Nine engineering students have been awarded this year's Energy-Industry Scholarship (EIS), the highest number of recipients since its inception in 2014. The EIS aims to develop and nurture a pipeline of talents for the Power sector, and is open to both Institute of Technical Education (ITE) and Polytechnic students.

2.      This year’s cohort of EIS recipients features five students from Singapore Polytechnic and four from Ngee Ann Polytechnic. While six of them are studying electrical or mechanical engineering, two are specialising in clean energy management, and one in energy systems and management. Information on the EIS recipients are in the Annex.

3.      One of the recipients is Mr Muhammad Afiq, who will join PacificLight Power when he graduates. The second year Clean Energy Management student from Ngee Ann Polytechnic shared his aspirations to shape the future of Singapore’s energy system. He said, “The Energy-Industry Scholarship is a major opportunity for me, as I will be able to gain a head start into accumulating valuable firsthand work experience in the power sector. I envision myself learning about the operations and maintenance of a power plant. With this knowledge, I hope to make Singapore’s power grid even more sustainable than it is today.”

4.      Mr David Wong was inspired by his father to pursue engineering as a career. The third year Energy Systems and Management student from Singapore Polytechnic said, “My father, who is an engineer himself, ignited my passion for engineering. He often shares how his job requires him to think of creative ways to solve challenging problems.” Mr Wong also shared that being selected by Tuas Power for the EIS would offer him an opportunity to improve the way electricity is generated in Singapore. This could include increasing generation efficiency or incorporating renewable sources of energy.

5.      Another recipient likewise inspired by his family is Mr Amirul Asyraf, a second year Mechanical Engineering student from Singapore Polytechnic, sponsored by SP Group. He was motivated to apply for the EIS by his parents, who are both working in the energy sector. He said, “My parents are my key motivators and influencers in my life. They encouraged me to join the energy sector as they see huge growth potential, with their combined experience of about 27 years in the sector. They always share about the abundant opportunities available for learning and upgrading. I am thankful for this scholarship as I can see a future for myself in the energy sector."

6.      The EIS is co-funded between the Energy Market Authority and industry partners. This year, four organisations are sponsoring the scholarships, namely PacificLight Power, Senoko Energy, SP Group and Tuas Power. The nine scholarship recipients will join their respective sponsoring organisations upon completing their current studies and fulfilling their National Service obligations if any.

7.      The EIS covers recipients' tuition fees, monthly living allowances, and a one-time allowance to purchase study-related items such as computers and books. Both full-term and mid-term scholarships are available to Singapore citizens and permanent residents pursuing relevant engineering courses. Applications for the next EIS cycle will open in December 2019.

8.      Since 2012, the Power sector has collectively awarded more than 70 scholarships under the EIS, as well as under the Singapore-Industry Scholarship (SgIS) which offers undergraduate scholarships.


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