Repair Works Needed at Tuas Cable Tunnel

27 Jun 2020

              Ceiling cracks have been found in the subsea cable tunnel at Tuas. The Tuas cable tunnel houses cables for delivering electricity produced in Tuas and Jurong Island to the rest of Singapore. The cables are unaffected and there has been no impact to the electricity supply to consumers. Investigations into the cause of the cracks are still ongoing.

2            Immediate measures, such as installing additional structural supports within the tunnel, have been taken to stabilise the tunnel structure. SP Group’s independent consultant has assessed that the tunnel is safe to commence repair work. The condition of the tunnel is being monitored closely through on-site checks and closed-circuit television (CCTV) surveillance. This is important for ensuring the safety of those who need to be in the tunnel to carry out inspection and repair works.

3            As an added precaution, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and SP Group have reconfigured the electricity transmission network to route electricity supply through an alternative transmission network path. EMA is also working with power generation companies to increase the amount of available power generation capacity and provide additional power supply when necessary. These measures will help to ensure that the overall power system remains stable and reliable in the event that the cables in the tunnel are affected.

4            EMA is working with SP Group to complete the cable tunnel repairs as soon as possible.

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