Two Youths Awarded Energy-Industry Scholarship

30 Oct 2020

         Two Singaporean engineering students have been awarded this year’s Energy-Industry Scholarship (EIS), a dedicated scholarship for the energy sector offered in partnership with the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and industry partners.

2          Mr Gustavus Liew Zeng Kit from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Mr James Lum Yew Ji from Singapore Polytechnic will join their sponsoring organisation, SP Group, after completing their studies and National Service.

3         Mr Liew, a second year Electrical Engineering student, has always shown a natural inclination towards engineering since he was young. The knack for tinkering and making his own toys evolved into a deep interest in electrical engineering when he learnt physics concepts like electrical circuits in secondary school. “I chose a career in engineering because I am naturally curious about how things work. I believe technology will have a big impact on the energy sector, and look forward to tapping on it to develop smart energy solutions for Singapore,” he said.

4         Third year Electrical and Electronic Engineering student and ambassador Mr Lum has been fascinated by the intricacies of power supply distribution in Singapore ever since he took a module in Electrical Installation Design in polytechnic. He shared, “When I talk to my peers, many don’t realise what goes on behind a power switch and would often take electricity for granted. Energy is essential for many things and I am thankful to be given the opportunity to get a head-start in joining the energy sector. I value job stability and the career progression pathways mapped out in the Skills Framework for Energy and Power have further assured me of opportunities in this dynamic sector.”

5         Launched in 2014, the EIS is a dedicated scholarship for the energy sector offered in partnership with EMA and the industry. Now into its seventh year, the EIS highlights EMA’s and the industry’s commitment to build a strong pipeline of local talent to power Singapore’s critical infrastructure.

6         The EIS is co-funded between EMA and the industry, and covers recipients’ tuition fees, monthly living allowance and a one-time allowance to purchase study-related items such as computers and books. Both full-term and mid-term scholarships are available to Singaporean citizens and permanent residents pursuing relevant engineering courses. Applications for the next EIS cycle will open in December 2020 and close in March 2021. Interested applicants can visit to submit their applications.

ANNEX: Photos of Scholarship Recipients


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