Tender for Consultancy Services to Develop Power Generation Capacity

09 Mar 2021

   The Energy Market Authority (EMA) has issued an Invitation to Tender (ITT) for consultancy services on the development of power generation capacity in Singapore.This is part of EMA’s ongoing efforts to ensure the security and reliability of electricity supply to meet the needs of Singapore consumers.

2.   Over the next decade, Singapore’s power generation capacity is expected to decrease as ageing power plants reach their end of life and are gradually retired. At the same time, electricity demand is expected to rise significantly in sectors such as data centres, agri-tech and transport.

3.   Singapore has an open and competitive electricity market. Power generation companies make commercial decisions to invest and build power plants based on their projections on demand growth. EMA continues to welcome and encourage power generation companies to invest in and provide new power generation capacity.

4.   EMA is also studying various options including, through this exploratory tender, the feasibility of developing new power generation capacity if necessary, to manage our energy transition while ensuring reliability and cost efficiency.

5.   Interested parties are invited to provide their submissions by 14 April 2021, 4pm (Singapore time). More details on the ITT are available online at www.gebiz.gov.sg.


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