New Energy Story Exhibition to Supercharge Singapore’s Energy Future

11 Aug 2021

      Science Centre Singapore (SCS) today launches Energy Story, a new exhibition exploring the sources, transformation, and uses of energy, from natural cycles to modern applications.

 2     Jointly presented by SCS, the Energy Market Authority (EMA) and SP Group, this is a net-zero showcase where the energy consumption of the interactive space is fully matched with an equivalent amount of green energy produced, through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)[1]. The exhibition was conceptualised to raise awareness of the critical role that cleaner energy plays in charting a more sustainable future and accelerating the adoption of energy efficient practices amongst the public.

3      Associate Professor Lim Tit Meng, Chief Executive of Science Centre Board said, “The sustainability mandate is not a new one, it has just been brought into focus in the face of the ongoing economic and environmental crises. Efficient energy consumption, on a larger scale can significantly impact immediate capital and climate recovery to help us realise the long-term vision of a truly sustainable society. With Energy Story exhibition, we hope that guests from all walks of life will gain a better understanding of the importance of growing green energy and be inspired to play a part in the nation’s “energy reset” movement. From institutions to authorities, companies to the public, we all need to work together to change the future of our world.”

4      Mr Ngiam Shih Chun, Chief Executive, Energy Market Authority added, “Singapore’s energy landscape has evolved significantly over the last 50 years. We switched from the use of oil-fired power plants to cleaner sources such as natural gas. Singapore is also one of the most solar energy-dense cities in the world. We plan to decarbonise our power sector further with the deployment of more low-carbon options. We hope Singaporeans and especially students can learn about Singapore’s energy transformation and play a part in creating a sustainable energy future for all.”

5      Mr Stanley Huang, Group Chief Executive Officer, SP Group, commented, “Through this exhibition, visitors can learn about Singapore’s world-class energy network, and what goes into making it reliable, secure and sustainable for generations to come. As we empower the future of energy, we put knowledge and tools in the hands of the public, so that everyone can take steps to contribute towards a greener world. This exhibition will also be a net-zero showcase, through the purchase of Renewable Energy Certificates on the SP REC Platform[2]. The electricity consumption of the interactive space will be fully matched with an equivalent amount of green energy produced.”

6      Six zones of multimedia displays, interactives, and poster panels tell the story of how humankind has progressed off the back of energy discovery, and must now work towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. Visitors can explore global, regional, and local energy data, interact with models of different technologies, and demonstrate relevant physics concepts.

7      A key feature of the exhibition is Singapore’s Energy Story, a zone dedicated to raising awareness of our four energy switches and how we are working towards greater sustainability. It highlights the progress of our nation’s energy revolution over the past 50 years and how we balance energy trade-offs to power our future.

8      The exhibition is also aligned with the Ministry of Education (MOE)’s Science syllabus to support learning for lower secondary students, with the exhibits reinforcing textbook topics ranging from the fundamentals of energy in physics to Singapore’s pursuit of technological advancements through research and development. It follows EMA’s earlier collaboration with MOE on a series of energy education videos from 2019, four of which are featured within the exhibition.

 9     Finally, the exhibition addresses our responsibility as energy consumers. This call-to-action can be seen throughout the 400-square metre exhibition space, inviting visitors to be more energy conscious in their everyday life. These collective small steps can spur a big impact in building a sustainable future for Singapore.

10      The Energy Story Exhibition is now running at the Science Centre Singapore and is accessible with a general admission ticket. Tickets are available for purchase through the online ticketing platform at

11      View the appendix for descriptions of the six zones and visit for more details on the exhibition.

[1] Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) are tradable green energy attributes that represent units of electricity generated from renewable energy generation facilities. With each megawatt-hour of green energy produced, one REC is recorded and tracked. A buyer can purchase RECs to show proof that an equivalent amount of green energy has been consumed to offset the same amount of electricity used.

[2] The SP REC Platform operates as a neutral engine that facilitates the transaction of RECs, where buyers and sellers from around the globe are automatically matched based on respective requirements.


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